Top Rick and Morty Bongs You Can Buy Online


The increased acceptance and legalization of cannabis has led to herbs being viewed in a different light. More and more individuals are now experimenting with the substance, and Rick and Morty fans can enhance their experience using the sitcom’s themed bongs. 

There’s a vast array of stylish and fascinating bongs online, but the Rick and Morty make tops the range. The bongs are a popular choice among smokers and characterized by the iconic duo, Ricky and Morty, an animated series on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. 

Here are the top Rick and Morty bongs you can buy online: 

Rick & Morty Beaker Bong

This is a common type of bong with a broad beaker-like base, offering higher stability and smoother smoking experience. It’s a popular option with marijuana smokers. The main advantage of this Rick and Morty bong is that it can hold more smoke and water in the base, enabling bigger puffs. It’s also easy to clean.

The sizes vary. For example, some bongs are 14 mm tall while others are 13.55 mm. Even a slight difference in size alters the amount of smoke a bong can hold.

This bong is budget-friendly and worth your while. You canĀ purchase it here for only $67.00.

Rick and Morty Figurine Pipe

Rick and Morty Pipe

While this pipe is “for tobacco use only” we think it is a great addition to any collection. This pipe is 5″ tall, beautifully designed, and available on Amazon.

Rick and Morty Ice Bong Pipe

The Rick and Morty Ice Bong Pipe is similar to a regular bong. The only difference is the use of ice. Although water is still added, the ice is utilized to ease the smoke’s harshness and reduce its temperature when on its way to your lungs, delivering a more refreshing hit.

This Rick and Morty bong is considered the best bong for beginners and is available here at $79.95.

Rick and Morty Bong Bubbler Pipe

The Rick and Morty Bong Bubbler Pipe is a smaller version of the regular Beaker Bong. It uses a percolation system that filters smoke to create soft, smooth hits. Because of its small size, it’s easy to carry around. If you like to smoke while on the move, it’s the ideal choice.  

Their small size makes them cheaper than regular bongs. They are available here for $40.56

Rick and Morty Juice Box Glass Bong

This type of bong is designed in the shape of a juice box with two tubes sticking out at the top. One tube acts as the smoke chamber and mouthpiece while the other tube acts as the bowl and downstem.

They provide very little room and are therefore less effective.

They come in different sizes, such as 7.8 inches and 7.75 inches. Although they appear to be smaller, you can rely on them as your everyday bong. They are somewhat cheaper compared to other Rick and Morty bongs. You can get them here for $35.99.

5. Rick and Morty Trident Medium Bong

If you’re looking to move around with your bong, this probably isn’t the right choice. This Rick and Morty bong is suitable if you want something stationery. It’s quite big and has a wide mouthpiece, providing bigger hits. Experienced smokers prefer it.

Its large size makes it more expensive, but it’s guaranteed to last you a lifetime. It’s available here for $374.99.

The desired smoker experience, the material used, the bong size, and the need for portability are four factors to help you choose the ideal bong. Check out the above Rick and Morty bongs that are guaranteed to transfer you to another dimension. Enjoy your smoke!


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