Top Bong Names [2020 Edition]


Do you love your bong? Then give it an awesome name that personifies the smoke sessions you experience. Here are some cool bong names you can actually use.

The Best Bong Names in 2020


This is a cool name for bongs that have skulls appearing on the sides. After exhaling clouds of smoke, your eyes will definitely turn red like the terminator.

Holy Bong

Cannabis is a catalyst of positive mental energy which is necessary for spiritual growth. So, naming your piece the Holy Bong won’t offend anyone (hopefully).


Back in 1993, Cypress Hill made a song titled Hits from the bong. That’s because marijuana connoisseurs smoke from glass to taste all the terpenes. You can pay homage to the rap legends by naming your bong Cypress.

Jack the Ripper

This bong name matches pieces that possess a minimum height of 12 inches. Ideally for smokers with iron lungs. After packing an eighth, get ready to take massive rips from the ripper.

The Smokestack

Here’s a clever bong name that you use as an alternative to Jack the Ripper. As you take a hit, smoke moves from the bowl and forms layers of white clouds. Each cloud of smoke stacks on
top of the other in your glass stem.

Professor Beaker

Does your bong look like it came out of a science lab? Professors spend time in the lab working with beakers. A smoke session with Professor Beaker will help you elevate Science to higher heights.


Bongs fashioned from quartz glass gives you a wider range of consumption. You can smoke flowers and also dab THC concentrates. A bong for dabs and flowers can be likened to a sports car with different modes. Dabbing some oil means you’ve switched to turbo mode.

Deciding what to name your bong today

Choosing a name for your bong can be a deeply personal decision. Hopefully, some of the options listed above help inspire you to pick a name that you’ll be proud to tell your smoking buddies about.


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