What is Reggie Weed? | Everything You Need to Know


Have you ever wondered why some dealers sell brown weed? These $20 bags lack the appeal associated with bright green buds found in marijuana dispensaries. Do you know reggie weed? Let’s learn more about it.

How do you know if you smoke Reggie? 

Pay attention to the physical characteristics described in this section. 

What does Reggie weed look like?

1. Conspicuous seeds

Reggie buds usually have plenty of seeds because they originate from hermaphrodite or male cannabis plants. This brings about inconvenience because one ends up smoking crushed seeds after using a grinder. Also, these burning seeds bring about an unpleasant taste when smoking blunts or joints.

2. Airy buds

Have you ever come across cannabis buds that were as fluffy as dandelions? It’s frustrating when you try to grind enough weed for a joint because the loose plant material sticks in the grinder. Airy buds are an indicator of poor cultivation and so you can’t expect much in terms of THC.

3. Discolored buds

When harvested marijuana is stored in less than ideal conditions, it loses color. Cannabis dried out in the open sun or extremely hot rooms loses chlorophyll rapidly. That’s why reggie kush is either dark green or brown in color. 

4. Shoddy trim

Properly manicured buds have a definite egg-like shape. Low grade weed has leaves sticking out from buds. You’ll also notice large stems in your bag.

What does Reggie smell like?

Poor cultivation makes it difficult for cannabis terpenes to develop completely. Terpenes produce distinct smells and tastes and these vary depending on strains. You might sniff a faint cannabis plant odor in the reggie bag but the telltale sign is when it smells like hay.

Can Reggie get you high?

Reggie strains have THC levels ranging from 5-8%. This amount is ideal for beginners albeit for a few weeks. Intermediate and daily smokers will need to roll reggie in blunt wraps to enhance the THC. 

Smoking reggie also poses a health hazard because poorly stored marijuana might have mold. Smoking weed infested with mold brings about throat irritation that can cause bacterial infections.

Reggie vs Dro

Dro refers to cannabis grown in water instead of soil. This cultivation method also known as hydroponics produces excellent buds that rank highly in aesthetics and THC levels. It also compatible with any marijuana strain. 

Here’s a brief comparison to help you spot the winner.

1. Appearance

Cannabis plants growing in a hydroponic farm get water that’s saturated with nutrients. This ensures that buds grow big, dense, and covered in white trichome crystals. Also, the breeders only grow feminized seeds to produce seedless cannabis buds.

2. Flavors

Weed grown in optimum conditions develops mature trichomes. Hydro or dro weed has strong aromas and flavors that linger in your hands after touching the buds. 

Final thoughts on Reggie kush

Reggie weed might be really affordable but it doesn’t deliver value for money. Now that you know how to identify low-grade weed, don’t get caught slipping. You’d rather save up for an ounce of dro that will last you for a couple of weeks than settle for less. 

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