CBD Jobs | How to Get a CBD Job in 2020


Did you know that the CBD industry is projected to reach over $20 billion by 2024?

This represents a major growth and, of course, as a market keeps expanding, the number of job opportunities if offers increases as well. If you’ve been using cannabidiol for a while and it has changed your life for the better, we’re sure you’d love to introduce the world of CBD to other people and there’s nothing like CBD sales jobs to do so.

Keep reading and learn where to look for this type of opportunity!

CBD Job Boards

Yes, the CBD universe has grown so much that nowadays, you can find job boards 100% dedicated to this industry.

Here are some boards you should definitely check out:


Vangst is the cannabis industry’s number one recruiting platform and there, you can find both direct hire and temporary job opportunities. It has partnered up with over 600 companies, so you know there’s no shortage of job openings.

This website also offers great employee resources and industry insights that will make your job hunt a lot easier, which is always a great plus!


The name says it all, doesn’t it? Ganjapreneur is an exclusive professional directory and although it is paid, you definitely get your money’s worth of opportunities.

You can choose to have a basic profile for $1 per month or upgrade to a feature profile for $5 a month. Either way, it is quite affordable and you can cancel at any time.

420 Careers

420 Careers is another big job board in the industry and there you’ll find plenty of leading companies looking for new team members, both in sales as well as in other positions, such as drivers, managers, and even growers.

While you’re on their website, make sure to check their Schools page. The more you know about the industry, the higher your chances of getting your dream job!

CBD Distributors

If you’re looking for a CBD-related opportunity, you’re probably familiar with some brands and that’s also a great starting point to find your next job.

Make a list of all the brands you know and take some time to google a few more. Then, go on each of their websites and see if they are looking for CBD sales representatives. Simple, hey?

To help you get started, here are a few brand websites where you can apply: CBD BiocareJust CBD, and CBD Medic.

General Job Boards

Our last tip for finding your CBD job is to do what you’ve probably always done: go on general job boards like IndeedSimply Hired or even LinkedIn.

The secret here is to use the right keywords and be specific, as these platforms include opportunities of all kinds. Look up “CBD sales” or “CBD sales rep” and you’ll most likely find relevant ads.

Good Luck!

Now that you know where to look for a CBD sales job and some simples tips on how to be hired for the position, it’s time to start that job hunt and we wish you nothing but good luck.

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