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When it comes to smoking weed, bongs are amazing. When it comes to buying products online, it really doesn’t get much more convenient or easy than buying from Amazon. Here, we’ve broken down the best Amazon bongs.

Best Amazon Bongs in 2021

6 Inch Small Glass Vase Home Decorative Blue Vase

This discreet and small bong is perfect for a quick session.

Glass Bong on Amazon

Buy the 6 Inch Small Glass Bong

Pilotdiary Gemini Silicone Reusable 2-for-1 Bong

This awesome 2-for-1 bong allows you to smoke both herb and wax, making it one of the most versatile bongs available on Amazon. It is also incredibly durable.

Buy the Pilotdiary 2-for-1 Bong

Abuden 9.7 inch Pyrex Glass Bong

Abuden Glass Amazon Bong

This 9.7″ bong from Abuden is a great basic glass bong for someone looking for a thick-lipped, durable bong that will last a long time. At less than 10 inches, this bong is perfect for someone looking for a discreet and portable smoking option.


  • Ice catcher
  • Dual color (Blue and Transparent)
  • Included 14mm Bowl and Stem

Buy The Abuden Pyrex Glass Bong on Amazon

Sea Giant 10″ Glass Bong

Sea Giant 10 inch glass bong on Amazon

Similar in size to the Abuden bong, this 10″ Sea Giant is beautifully designed and features all the basics of what you’d need in a daily driver bong.


  • Removable bowl
  • Ice shelf
  • Easy to clean design
  • High borosilicate glass construction for durability

Buy the Sea Giant 10 Inch Bong on Amazon

SXA Green Glass Vase

SXA Glass Vase Bong

This miniature glass bong from SXA is funky and awesome. Its complex hand-crafted design is a conversation starter for sure.

P.S. Don’t expect cleaning this thing to be easy.


  • Funky handcrafted design
  • Included Bowl
  • Dual color (Green & Transparent)
  • Compact 7″ height

Buy the SXA Green Glass Handmade Vase on Amazon

Yieng 15.6″ Handmade Glass Bong

Yieng 15.6" Handmade Glass Bong

This 15.6″ bong is big and beautiful. Towards the lip of this bong is a smooth groove design that will enhance any high. Included with this bong are a stem and bowl.


  • High Borosilicate durable glass construction
  • Ice shelf

Buy the Yieng 15.6″ Handmade Glass Bong on Amazon

Yieng 11.7″ Handmade Bong

Yieng 11.7" Glass Bong on Amazon

This next bong, which is also from Yieng, features a more complex and intricate design aimed at a smoother smoking experience.


  • Tree Perc
  • Splash Guard
  • Ice catcher
  • Thick bowl included

Buy the Yieng 11.7″ Handmade Bong on Amazon

Yieng 7.8″ Handmade Thick Bong

Yieng dark amazon bong

This Yieng bong is super thick and dark if that’s your thing. It is much thicker than most other bongs and it is wrapped in a tasteful black/green that adds some personality to this amazon bong. This is likely one of the more durable bongs on Amazon. It is also extremely compact at just under 8 inches in height.


  • Dark, wrapped design
  • Thick lip
  • Compact 7.8″ design
  • Included glass bowl

Buy The Yieng Dark 7.8″ Bong on Amazon

Locinoe 3D Rick and Morty Bong

Rick and Morty Bong on Amazon

Who doesn’t love Rick and Morty? This is one of the best Rick and Morty Bongs on Amazon. At only 8 inches in height, its perfectly portable and its thick, handmade design makes it super durable as well.


  • Awesome Rick and Morty Artwork
  • Two color choices: (White or Brown)
  • Prime shipping available

Buy the Locinoe 3D Rick and Morty Bong on Amazon

Do you have any more favorite Amazon bongs? Let us know on Twitter!

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