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Yoda OG Strain Review [2020 Edition]


The Yoda OG Cannabis strain is one that has gained increasing popularity in 2020. Here, we breakdown the strain and analyze its history, effects, flavors, and more.

Yoda OG History

The origin of the Yoda OG Strain is a bit mysterious and there doesn’t seem to be much information available (at least not from anything reliable). The general consensus seems to be that Yoda OG got its start in Florida before becoming popular in Southern California.

If you ask most seasoned budtenders, they will say Yoda OG is a derivative of Chemdawg, Lemon Thau, and Old World Paki Kush, making it one of the more interesting blended strains around.

Yoda OG Strain Effects

Yoda OG is an Indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. Users of the Yoda OG strain rave about its calming effect that leaves you relaxed without serious “couch-lock”.

That said, we advise Yoda OG as a nighttime smoke as indulging too early might make the day drag on.

Medical Uses of Yoda OG

Because of the mild sedating effects of this strain. It is commonly used to “take the edge off” for patients of the following ailments:

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Insomnia

Yoda OG Flavors

Yoda OG has a pungent flavor and aroma with a diverse, earth-forward palette. The taste brings hints of lemon, vanilla, and caramel. Yoda OG has a subtle woody after taste as well.

Final Thoughts

The mysterious and powerful Yoda OG strain is definitely one to try. You can look forward to a powerful and flavorful experience that calms the senses without overly sedating effects.

While we can’t say this is our all-time favorite strain, it certainly isn’t unenjoyable at all.

What do you think of Yoda OG? Have you given it a smoke? Let us know about your experience in the comments!

Top Rick and Morty Bongs You Can Buy Online


The increased acceptance and legalization of cannabis has led to herbs being viewed in a different light. More and more individuals are now experimenting with the substance, and Rick and Morty fans can enhance their experience using the sitcom’s themed bongs. 

There’s a vast array of stylish and fascinating bongs online, but the Rick and Morty make tops the range. The bongs are a popular choice among smokers and characterized by the iconic duo, Ricky and Morty, an animated series on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. 

Here are the top Rick and Morty bongs you can buy online: 

Rick & Morty Beaker Bong

This is a common type of bong with a broad beaker-like base, offering higher stability and smoother smoking experience. It’s a popular option with marijuana smokers. The main advantage of this Rick and Morty bong is that it can hold more smoke and water in the base, enabling bigger puffs. It’s also easy to clean.

The sizes vary. For example, some bongs are 14 mm tall while others are 13.55 mm. Even a slight difference in size alters the amount of smoke a bong can hold.

This bong is budget-friendly and worth your while. You can purchase it here for only $67.00.

Rick and Morty Figurine Pipe

Rick and Morty Pipe

While this pipe is “for tobacco use only” we think it is a great addition to any collection. This pipe is 5″ tall, beautifully designed, and available on Amazon.

Rick and Morty Ice Bong Pipe

The Rick and Morty Ice Bong Pipe is similar to a regular bong. The only difference is the use of ice. Although water is still added, the ice is utilized to ease the smoke’s harshness and reduce its temperature when on its way to your lungs, delivering a more refreshing hit.

This Rick and Morty bong is considered the best bong for beginners and is available here at $79.95.

Rick and Morty Bong Bubbler Pipe

The Rick and Morty Bong Bubbler Pipe is a smaller version of the regular Beaker Bong. It uses a percolation system that filters smoke to create soft, smooth hits. Because of its small size, it’s easy to carry around. If you like to smoke while on the move, it’s the ideal choice.  

Their small size makes them cheaper than regular bongs. They are available here for $40.56

Rick and Morty Juice Box Glass Bong

This type of bong is designed in the shape of a juice box with two tubes sticking out at the top. One tube acts as the smoke chamber and mouthpiece while the other tube acts as the bowl and downstem.

They provide very little room and are therefore less effective.

They come in different sizes, such as 7.8 inches and 7.75 inches. Although they appear to be smaller, you can rely on them as your everyday bong. They are somewhat cheaper compared to other Rick and Morty bongs. You can get them here for $35.99.

5. Rick and Morty Trident Medium Bong

If you’re looking to move around with your bong, this probably isn’t the right choice. This Rick and Morty bong is suitable if you want something stationery. It’s quite big and has a wide mouthpiece, providing bigger hits. Experienced smokers prefer it.

Its large size makes it more expensive, but it’s guaranteed to last you a lifetime. It’s available here for $374.99.

The desired smoker experience, the material used, the bong size, and the need for portability are four factors to help you choose the ideal bong. Check out the above Rick and Morty bongs that are guaranteed to transfer you to another dimension. Enjoy your smoke!

Does Weed Expire? | Everything You Need to Know


Even experienced cannabis consumers have asked does weed expire. If the cannabis plant does expire, for how long can it last?

The truth is that marijuana does go bad and can grow mold when not kept in the correct conditions. So, that raises the question, what are the correct conditions to store your marijuana flower? 

Remember, cannabis is a plant, and just like other plants, it is governed by the laws of nature. All living things die and decompose to feed other organisms and create room for a new life. 

Cannabis that is carefully and safely stored can last for between 12 and 18 months without losing its potency. Still cannabis consumers must be careful throughout that long timeframe that the plant is not exposed to moisture which can lead to the growth of mold.

To this point, marijuana is best stored in mason jars because they are airtight. Controlling the environment such as air flow, temperature, and lighting all can be critical to the shelf life of cannabis. All of which can be extremely important to avoid any mold from forming on the cannabis plant.

To showcase how common the question of weed’s expiration date, consumers can look to the sale of cannabis in Canada. Health Canada has made it mandatory for all legal cannabis product labels to include the necessary information for an informed decision before use. Well, that information consists of the expiry date, even though it’s always labeled, “no expiry date has been determined.”

With that in mind, let’s dive in and take a closer look at some of the contributing factors to how long of a shelf life the cannabis plant can have. Furthermore, we’ll dive into the contributing factors any cannabis consumer can control to keep their product fresh.

Contributing Factors to the Lifespan of Cannabis

There are a lot of factors that determine the lifespan of dried cannabis flowers, one of them being its storage, as mentioned earlier. Some of the factors to consider for proper storage include the container quality as well as exposure to light. 

Cannabis lasts longer when stored in glass containers as compared to plastic or paper-based bags. This is because plastic and paper bags are actually porous, just to such a small degree the human eye cannot see the holes. Nonetheless, air easily travels through these porous materials making them not ideal for long term cannabis storage.

Furthermore, the glass containers with lids will work best. The containers should be kept in the dark closet, drawer, pantry, or top cupboard cabinet. This storage method reduces exposure to light, which can speed up the degradation of THC and terpenes.

Avoid storing cannabis in the fridge or freezer because you will compromise quality. Experts are of the view that since the temperature and humidity in refrigerators fluctuates, it may impact the cannabis quality. Additionally, refrigerating cannabis increases the chances of terpene and cannabinoid-rich trichomes breaking off from the buds.

As a cannabis user, you will know when the quality is degrading when your stash starts to lose its smell. This actually means that the plant’s terpenes have started to fade. 

If your cannabis develops a new scent, like musty or mildew, it may mean that it’s growing mold. Always inspect your cannabis before consumption. To clarify, it’s not only dried cannabis flowers that expire but even oils.  

What are the Correct Conditions to Store Cannabis?


Humidity enables the growth of mold spores, which can be poisonous when smoked. Extreme temperature differences can also cause air to release moisture, promoting the growth of mold. Due to this, you need to control humidity and avoid fluctuations in temperature.


Sunlight is detrimental to marijuana. Cannabinoids oxidize and break down from the heat. Therefore, keep your cannabis in a dark spot such as in a drawer, cabinet, or closest to avoid exposure to light as much as possible.


High temperatures break down cannabinoids, turning your THC to CBN.On the other hand, if the temperatures are too cold, mold growth is also encouraged.

Freezing temperatures will break off your trichomes and damage the chemical composition of cannabinoids. 

Therefore, users should focus on keeping their flower at room temperature as much as possible


Air is essential for weed curation, but after that, too much air isn’t necessary. Oxygen steals electrons from matter, causing degradation such as with rust or dry rot. Oxygen will also dry out oils that carry weed’s cannabinoids, making them less potent and taste harsh. You need a small amount of dry oxygen with sealed weed containers, or no oxygen at all by using a vacuum-sealed container. 

There are ways by which you can keep your flower fresh for longer.

  • Make sure that the cannabis is completely cured. In case your cannabis is wet or fresh, hang it upside down for about three days. After that, store it in a sealed container and be opening the lid every two days to release the humid air.
  • Invest in a relative humidity monitor. The recommended relative humidity for cured cannabis ranges between 59% and 63%. You can maintain this by investing in a particular humidor-type container.
  • Store your weed in a sealed container.
  • Avoid using plastic or cedar.
  • Store cannabis in a cool and dark place.

Do Cannabis concentrates and hemp seed products expire?

Concentrates such as CBD oil are less organic as compared to plants; therefore, they hinder oxygen from touching everything but the surface. These characteristics make much less vulnerable to factors such as oxygen and humidity. 

However, this doesn’t mean that they are not vulnerable. The simplest way of knowing whether your CBD oil has gone bad is through the smell and taste. It may not come to that since its visual appearance alone will tell it all. 

Expired CBD oil appears murky and cloudy. Some people prefer storing their oil in refrigerators. This may help with some aspects but may also lead to the thickening of the oil. Every bottle of CBD oil will also always have an expiry date. It would be best if you looked at it before consumption.

Know that a low-quality product is not only dangerous but also unreliable in terms of longevity. CBD oil, for sure, can last for between one and two years. 

Yet, hemp quickly absorbs heavy metals and toxins from the soil. Consequently, a hemp plant in low-quality soil will produce low-quality CBD oil. On the other hand, hemp in high-quality soil will give birth to a better product.

Purity is also essential in determining how long CBD oil can last. Purity doesn’t guarantee a longer shelf-life, but certainly can help prevent any unwanted extras from going bad inside the product.

When it comes to hemp seeds, employ the same storage practices as in weed. Whole hemp seeds are quite vulnerable because they contain oils and fats that can go rancid after prolonged exposure to heat, light, or oxygen. 

What you need to remember, though, is that weed will never go bad or expire the same way as other food products such as milk and meat do. Again, it’s not going to get less potent or get better with age like wine. 

The fact of the matter, however, is that cannabis has an unspoken “use-by” date.

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Top Bong Names [2020 Edition]


Do you love your bong? Then give it an awesome name that personifies the smoke sessions you experience. Here are some cool bong names you can actually use.

The Best Bong Names in 2020


This is a cool name for bongs that have skulls appearing on the sides. After exhaling clouds of smoke, your eyes will definitely turn red like the terminator.

Holy Bong

Cannabis is a catalyst of positive mental energy which is necessary for spiritual growth. So, naming your piece the Holy Bong won’t offend anyone (hopefully).


Back in 1993, Cypress Hill made a song titled Hits from the bong. That’s because marijuana connoisseurs smoke from glass to taste all the terpenes. You can pay homage to the rap legends by naming your bong Cypress.

Jack the Ripper

This bong name matches pieces that possess a minimum height of 12 inches. Ideally for smokers with iron lungs. After packing an eighth, get ready to take massive rips from the ripper.

The Smokestack

Here’s a clever bong name that you use as an alternative to Jack the Ripper. As you take a hit, smoke moves from the bowl and forms layers of white clouds. Each cloud of smoke stacks on
top of the other in your glass stem.

Professor Beaker

Does your bong look like it came out of a science lab? Professors spend time in the lab working with beakers. A smoke session with Professor Beaker will help you elevate Science to higher heights.


Bongs fashioned from quartz glass gives you a wider range of consumption. You can smoke flowers and also dab THC concentrates. A bong for dabs and flowers can be likened to a sports car with different modes. Dabbing some oil means you’ve switched to turbo mode.

Deciding what to name your bong today

Choosing a name for your bong can be a deeply personal decision. Hopefully, some of the options listed above help inspire you to pick a name that you’ll be proud to tell your smoking buddies about.

What is a Headshop? | Headshops and Smokeshops Explained


A headshop is a store that sells tobacco (and non-tobacco) smoking accessories among other things. Are headshops legal? Why is a headshop called a headshop? What is the difference between a headshop and a smokeshop? Here we break down the most commonly asked questions about headshops and smokeshops.

The History of Headshops

In the United States, headshops first started appearing in the 60’s in trendy urban settings like San Francisco and New York City. Here, headshops served as a center for counterculture, attracting visitors looking to get some products “for the head”.

Common references to this slang include Jefferson Airplane’s popular song “White Rabbit” which tells listeners to “feed your head”. A nod at the use of marijuana to expand one’s mind.

What is sold at a smoke shop?

How do headshops openly sell items that police classify as drug paraphernalia? Technically, a pipe or bong becomes paraphernalia when the cops arrest you when using it to consume illegal substances.  

In states where recreational marijuana use is illegal, driving around with a bong can give police the right to search your vehicle. So, it’s best to keep your weed and smoking accessories separate at all times.

1. Rolling papers

Smokeshops sell a variety of rolling paper brands. Some have direct affiliations with manufactures to ensure you get a consistent supply of original papers. In addition, you can also get filter tips under one roof.

2. Glass pipes

Glass pipes enable you to enjoy weed when you don’t feel like rolling up. They also serve different functions. For instance, a one hitter pipe comes in handy when you want a quick puff during lunch breaks. 

3. Grinders

Looking at grinders displayed on shelves is similar to a kid walking into a toy store. You’ll come across grinders that can pack half an ounce. Headshops also sell electric grinders and you can actually ask the seller unlimited questions compared to doing it online. 

4. Vaporizers

There two types of vaporizers or vapes. A dry herb vape is used to smoke crushed material such as tobacco leaves. The most common vapes are e-Cigs that run on liquid nicotine. Headshops also sell related accessories such as batteries, coils, tanks, and tips.

5. Rolling trays

A rolling tray is an essential item when you’re a daily smoker. It helps keep your living spaces tidy compared to littering your coffee table with weed crumbs. It also doubles up as a storage accessory for your rolling papers and filter tips.

6. Blunt wraps

Purchasing blunt wraps from a headshop comes with a few benefits. It’s easier to get all the brands you want stacked in one shop. Also, there’s the benefit of store discounts which increases your value for money.

If you’re on the road to quitting tobacco blunt wraps, you’ll find a variety of alternative nicotine free brands. 

7. Ash trays

Does your couch have burn holes? If yes, then it’s time you bought an ashtray.  Smokeshops are the best place to shop for ashtrays because you get to inspect items thoroughly. You can also order for special engravings to personalize your ashtray collection. 

 8. Bongs

Buying a bong is like purchasing a car. It’s always best to have an expert walk you through it to get the best product for your needs. Purchasing a bong in a physical headshop gives you the opportunity to ask important questions and receive maintenance tips. 

9. Dab rigs

Concentrates enhance the best parts of cannabis when it comes to THC and flavors. Smokeshops sell a variety of dab rigs based on brands. Customers can also purchase accessories like heating nails, dabbing tools, and glass parts. 

What is the difference between headshops and smokeshops?

While headshops and smokeshops originally meant different things, the phrases are now largely interchangeable. Historically, a smokeshop sold products intended for use with tobacco (things like pipes) while a headshop sold products related to marijuana.

As marijuana became more widely accepted, the two types of stores began to merge and now headshop and smokeshop can refer to the same thing. This is especially true in the U.S.

How to find the best headshop 

These tips will equip you with confidence when going to a smokeshop to buy accessories.  

1. Get referrals from your friends

When you’ve relocated to a new city, you’ll need someone to help you settle. Your friends can introduce you to their smokeshops. Doing this enables you to get accessories more conveniently than going online.

2. Use weed apps to reach out

Cannabis social networks like Duby and Massroots are free to use and available on all mobile platforms. You can connect with cannabis lovers near you by activating GPS. You’ll then get credible information on the best smokeshops locally.

3. Visit headshops appearing on Google Maps

When you visit Google and type ‘headshop near me’, a list of results will appear under the maps section. You can note down the physical addresses then spend an afternoon visiting each one in your search results. 

Touring smokeshops in your locality can help you compare the level of customer service. You’ll also spot where to get the best products in town at fair prices. 

4. Get help at the weed dispensary

In the weed industry, almost everybody knows each other. When you can’t find a good headshop, just visit the nearest marijuana dispensary. Ask the budtenders to recommend a good spot and they’ll be happy to help. 

How to start an online headshop 

1. Find out what laws you need to comply with

In some states, it’s illegal to purchase smoking accessories when you’re below 21 years of age. You might also need a license to perform customer deliveries in compliance with local drug enforcement policies. 

2. Create a cool business name

A cool business name makes your shop stand out favorably. Use Google Adsense to spot some relevant keywords that you can incorporate into your brand. Remember to use a free online business name generator to come up with catchy slogans. 

3. Get an inventory management software

Nobody likes driving or walking to a store only to find empty shelves. How can you prevent this in your business? By keeping track of your shelves everyday using inventory management software. 

An inventory management software alerts you when your stock drops to a defined critical level. This ensures that you restock on time and maintain a consistent supply of smoking accessories. 

Now you know all about headshops

Headshops are the best place to purchase original smoking accessories because they have direct affiliations with manufacturers. In addition, you can purchase all your smoking accessories under one roof. 

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What is Reggie Weed? | Everything You Need to Know


Have you ever wondered why some dealers sell brown weed? These $20 bags lack the appeal associated with bright green buds found in marijuana dispensaries. Do you know reggie weed? Let’s learn more about it.

How do you know if you smoke Reggie? 

Pay attention to the physical characteristics described in this section. 

What does Reggie weed look like?

1. Conspicuous seeds

Reggie buds usually have plenty of seeds because they originate from hermaphrodite or male cannabis plants. This brings about inconvenience because one ends up smoking crushed seeds after using a grinder. Also, these burning seeds bring about an unpleasant taste when smoking blunts or joints.

2. Airy buds

Have you ever come across cannabis buds that were as fluffy as dandelions? It’s frustrating when you try to grind enough weed for a joint because the loose plant material sticks in the grinder. Airy buds are an indicator of poor cultivation and so you can’t expect much in terms of THC.

3. Discolored buds

When harvested marijuana is stored in less than ideal conditions, it loses color. Cannabis dried out in the open sun or extremely hot rooms loses chlorophyll rapidly. That’s why reggie kush is either dark green or brown in color. 

4. Shoddy trim

Properly manicured buds have a definite egg-like shape. Low grade weed has leaves sticking out from buds. You’ll also notice large stems in your bag.

What does Reggie smell like?

Poor cultivation makes it difficult for cannabis terpenes to develop completely. Terpenes produce distinct smells and tastes and these vary depending on strains. You might sniff a faint cannabis plant odor in the reggie bag but the telltale sign is when it smells like hay.

Can Reggie get you high?

Reggie strains have THC levels ranging from 5-8%. This amount is ideal for beginners albeit for a few weeks. Intermediate and daily smokers will need to roll reggie in blunt wraps to enhance the THC. 

Smoking reggie also poses a health hazard because poorly stored marijuana might have mold. Smoking weed infested with mold brings about throat irritation that can cause bacterial infections.

Reggie vs Dro

Dro refers to cannabis grown in water instead of soil. This cultivation method also known as hydroponics produces excellent buds that rank highly in aesthetics and THC levels. It also compatible with any marijuana strain. 

Here’s a brief comparison to help you spot the winner.

1. Appearance

Cannabis plants growing in a hydroponic farm get water that’s saturated with nutrients. This ensures that buds grow big, dense, and covered in white trichome crystals. Also, the breeders only grow feminized seeds to produce seedless cannabis buds.

2. Flavors

Weed grown in optimum conditions develops mature trichomes. Hydro or dro weed has strong aromas and flavors that linger in your hands after touching the buds. 

Final thoughts on Reggie kush

Reggie weed might be really affordable but it doesn’t deliver value for money. Now that you know how to identify low-grade weed, don’t get caught slipping. You’d rather save up for an ounce of dro that will last you for a couple of weeks than settle for less. 

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How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?


As cannabis becomes more socially acceptable across the United States and throughout the world, people who are newly introduced to the plant may find they have many questions. One particularly interesting question, when it comes to discussing cannabis is often along the lines, “how long does CBD stay in your system?” 

Generally speaking, most are familiar with the notoriously long amount of time it takes cannabis to leave your system after consumption. With that said, the vast majority of drug tests are actually testing for trace amounts of THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. So, with regards to the spread of legal CBD, this is not a good guide to go by.

For those who use CBD on a regular basis, this question can be important to ensure you give your body the right amount of CBD. Furthermore, some patients may have concerns about a drug test, despite it being fairly uncommon for a cannabis related drug test to include something other than it’s main psychoactive ingredient, THC.

With that in mind, today we will take a closer look at how long CBD stays in your system.

Cannabinoids: Fat-Soluble Compounds

While many drug tests focus on THC, which is fat soluble, there has become a notoriously long duration in which cannabis consumers must wait for this compound to leave their system. Due to THC being a fat soluble compound, it stays in the body for upwards of 30 days. This is also the case with CBD. The cannabidiol compound, along with all cannabinoids are fat soluble which allows the compounds to survive in our bodies for upwards of 30 days. 

Furthermore, the fat soluble nature of cannabinoids ensures their raw pure consumption is less effective (without combustion of course). This can explain why edibles and combustibles are so popular with regards to cannabis consumption. The former is a common method of consumption, because edibles have been activated through the cooking process. While the latter, combustibles, such as smoking cannabis, will release the compounds through the use of heat.

Cannabis vs Hemp

Cannabis plant

With regard to the difference between cannabis and hemp, both types of plants develop the exact same CBD compound. In fact, the only difference between the two plants comes from a man-made distinction placed into regulations restricting the use of cannabis nearly a century ago. To be precise, hemp is simply any cannabis plant with THC levels less than 0.3%- basically meaning there are no noticeable levels of THC in the plant material if it were consumed. 

These regulations were put in place to help create a differentiating factor between hemp and cannabis during the prohibition of cannabis. With that in mind, it opened the door to grow and process industrial hemp which has hundreds of applications, while also keeping the lid shut on cannabis legalization. 

All of this means that extracting CBD from either the cannabis plant or hemp plant there is no difference between the CBD extracted, when the extraction process is done to have a completely pure end product.

How Long Does CBD Last in Your System?

The effects of CBD oil typically last between 2 to 5 hours with the strongest effects between the first and second hour.

Now that we have a better understanding of the cannabis plant, specifically, CBD produced from this plant, we can better understand how long CBD fully stays in your system after consumption. CBD or properly known as cannabidiol compound stays in your system for upwards of 30 days, in a similar manner to THC. 

That being said, the compound does not get tested for by the most common types of drug tests screening for cannabis consumption. As mentioned, these tests tend to focus on the THC compound, instead of testing for CBD directly. Even with that in mind, if you want to be 100% certain you will pass any drug test in the next 30 days, it would be best to not consume CBD. 

In closing, remember that all cannabinoids can stay within your system for upwards of 30 days. This remains true for the more popular and psychoactive THC as well as the non-psycho active compounds such as CBD. Even if most of the popular drug tests do not test for CBD directly, the safest way to pass a drug test will always be by not consuming.

Best CBD Cigarettes in 2020


CBD continues to grow in popularity as more countries legalize this beneficial and non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

Since the United States started to deregulate the substance over the last couple of years, CBD has boomed in popularity across the country, also in part due to the diverse set of applications the compound offers. To this point, the compound can be found in a variety of different products ranging from edibles to topicals to smokeables.

Smokable forms of CBD such as CBD cigarettes, in particular, have become more of a popular product over the last two to three years. For those looking for the best CBD cigarettes, shoppers should consider the benefits they want to enjoy from this diverse compound.

Today we will look at the benefits of smoking CBD, while also providing an overview of the best CBD cigarettes in 2020. With that in mind, let’s dive right in. 

Benefits of Smoking CBD

While CBD comes in a wide variety such as edibles, isolates, and topicals, smoking the cannabinoid offers a unique value.

For starters, Cannabidiol, also known as CBD grows from the hemp plant and cannabis plant alike while offering a wide variety of benefits. With that in mind, many people associate cannabis consumption closely with smoking. This can be a particularly well fit benefit for tobacco smokers looking to quit. For those who aren’t tobacco consumers seeking to quit, CBD cigarettes also come closer to a traditional cannabis joint. 

Furthermore, CBD cigarettes provide fast-acting applications of CBD compared to other forms such as edibles or topicals which can take upwards of two hours for patients to feel results. While smoking CBD will be felt within two to five minutes.

With these benefits in mind, let’s look at the top CBD cigarette brands in the market today.

Top 6 Best CBD Cigarettes in 2020

Hempettes from Wild Hemp

Hempettes from Wild Hemp CBD cigarettes

The Wild Hemp brand brings a wonderful CBD cigarette product to consumers in legal markets. With 20 CBD cigarettes per box, this brand offers a fun and traditional 420-friendly approach which any cannabis consumer is sure to appreciate.

The Hempettes from Wild Hemp come with approximately 50mg of CBD and less than 0.03% THC. Another important feature of Hempettes, the hemp product comes exclusively from American grown hemp. Furthermore, the company sends its products off for third party testing to ensure customers receive high quality and consistent experience from Wild Hemp’s Hempettes. 

Hempettes from Wild Hemp start off at approximately $12 per pack of 20. Learn more about Wild Hemp

Heimat Tobacco & Hemp

Heimat hemp and CBD cigarettes packaging

The Heimat Tobacco and Hemp cigarettes offer a mixture with CBD and tobacco mixed into one. While this product certainly wouldn’t help a smoker looking to quit, many cannabis consumers in certain parts of the world are familiar with a ‘spliff’ which offers a similar mixture of tobacco and cannabis flowers in a cigarette form. Those who love a spliff are sure to enjoy Heimat’s product.

With that said, the Heimat tobacco and hemp cigarettes have approximately 4 mg of CBD and around half a milligram of nicotine. Furthermore, the products are created with local tobacco and hemp grown in the country of Sweden where the Heimat products are manufactured. To this point, the company notes how they do not include any additives to the tobacco and CBD hemp blend to make their final product. 

Heimat’s tobacco and CBD cigarettes start at approximately $21 for a pack of 20. Learn more about Heimatkult

CBD Fatty

Fatty King Size CBD Cigarettes

The CBD Fatty lives up to its name as a single and fat joint. This CBD joint from Cap City offers patients looking to enjoy a fat joint the perfect solution. The brand brings together a classy field as the name, Cap City- as in capital city would imply.

The single CBD Fatty that comes in each container has approximately 100 mg of CBD and zero noticeable THC. This product is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a longer-lasting smoke session or wants to share their CBD cigarette with a group.

 A single CBD Fatty joint starts at $14. Shop CBD Fatty

Sherbinskis Pre-Rolls from Cloud N9ne

Sherbinkskis Gelato CBD Prerolls

The Sherbinskis CBD cigarettes from Cloud N9ne offer a special treat for cannabis connoisseurs as their hemp pre-rolls come infused with terpenes from a Gelato strain. The brand brings together a wonderfully classy feel with sharp maroon color and simple design.

These hemp cigarettes offer a tobacco-free product with less than 0.03% THC in each smoke. Furthermore, these particular hemp cigarettes come with filters so the smoking experience will be a bit more of a mellow one compared to other filterless CBD cigarettes on the market.

With each pack coming with 20 pre-rolls, Sherbinskis start at approximately $12 per pack. Learn more about Sherbinskis.

Pure from Aspen Valley

Pure from Aspen Valley CBD Cigarette Prerolls

The Pure from Aspen Valley brings one of the premium brands of CBD cigarettes. These CBD cigarettes offer approximately 0.85 mg of CBD per smoke. Furthermore, the company advertises that no extra additives, tobacco, or nicotine are used within their Pure CBD cigarettes. 

A box of Pure CBD cigarettes starts at approximately $16. Learn more about Pure from Aspen Valley

Live Hempily

Live Hempily CBD product package

Last but certainly not least, CBD cigarettes from Live Hempily bring another wonderful experience for CBD smokers. These cigarettes contain no pesticides, solvents, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, they offer to ship to all 50 states with their CBD cigarette packs. 

A pack of 20 Live Hempily CBD cigarettes starts at approximately $30. Shop Live Hempily

Hopefully, with a look at the best CBD cigarettes in 2020, you can more easily find a brand that speaks to your needs. Furthermore, these products should continue to grow as more and more locations around the world legalize CBD. All and all, whichever brand you choose for your CBD cigarette, users should have a good experience with any of these brands.

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Amazon Bongs Guide | The Best Bongs on Amazon (2021 and 2022 Updated)


When it comes to smoking weed, bongs are amazing. When it comes to buying products online, it really doesn’t get much more convenient or easy than buying from Amazon. Here, we’ve broken down the best Amazon bongs.

Best Amazon Bongs in 2022

Fiddle Lead Phantom

This dope portable silicon bong comes in multiple color options (all of which we think are awesome).

Buy the Fiddle Leaf Phantom Bong on Amazon

Pineapple Roast and Toast Mug Bong

We are obsessed with this bong. This bong is also a mug. The handle of the mug allows for smoking and even comes with a carb hole.

This is a must have for wake and bake sessions.

Buy the Pineapple Roast and Toast Mug Bong on Amazon

6 Inch Small Glass Vase Home Decorative Blue Vase

This discreet and small bong is perfect for a quick session. This bong has been on Amazon since 2021.

Glass Bong on Amazon

Buy the 6 Inch Small Glass Bong

Pilotdiary Gemini Silicone Reusable 2-for-1 Bong

This awesome 2-for-1 bong allows you to smoke both herb and wax, making it one of the most versatile bongs available on Amazon. It is also incredibly durable.

Buy the Pilotdiary 2-for-1 Bong

Abuden 9.7 inch Pyrex Glass Bong

Abuden Glass Amazon Bong

This 9.7″ bong from Abuden is a great basic glass bong for someone looking for a thick-lipped, durable bong that will last a long time. At less than 10 inches, this bong is perfect for someone looking for a discreet and portable smoking option.


  • Ice catcher
  • Dual color (Blue and Transparent)
  • Included 14mm Bowl and Stem

Buy The Abuden Pyrex Glass Bong on Amazon

Sea Giant 10″ Glass Bong

Sea Giant 10 inch glass bong on Amazon

Similar in size to the Abuden bong, this 10″ Sea Giant is beautifully designed and features all the basics of what you’d need in a daily driver bong.


  • Removable bowl
  • Ice shelf
  • Easy to clean design
  • High borosilicate glass construction for durability

Buy the Sea Giant 10 Inch Bong on Amazon

SXA Green Glass Vase

SXA Glass Vase Bong

This miniature glass bong from SXA is funky and awesome. Its complex hand-crafted design is a conversation starter for sure.

P.S. Don’t expect cleaning this thing to be easy.


  • Funky handcrafted design
  • Included Bowl
  • Dual color (Green & Transparent)
  • Compact 7″ height

Buy the SXA Green Glass Handmade Vase on Amazon

Yieng 15.6″ Handmade Glass Bong

Yieng 15.6" Handmade Glass Bong

This 15.6″ bong is big and beautiful. Towards the lip of this bong is a smooth groove design that will enhance any high. Included with this bong are a stem and bowl.


  • High Borosilicate durable glass construction
  • Ice shelf

Buy the Yieng 15.6″ Handmade Glass Bong on Amazon

Yieng 11.7″ Handmade Bong

Yieng 11.7" Glass Bong on Amazon

This next bong, which is also from Yieng, features a more complex and intricate design aimed at a smoother smoking experience.


  • Tree Perc
  • Splash Guard
  • Ice catcher
  • Thick bowl included

Buy the Yieng 11.7″ Handmade Bong on Amazon

Yieng 7.8″ Handmade Thick Bong

Yieng dark amazon bong

This Yieng bong is super thick and dark if that’s your thing. It is much thicker than most other bongs and it is wrapped in a tasteful black/green that adds some personality to this amazon bong. This is likely one of the more durable bongs on Amazon. It is also extremely compact at just under 8 inches in height.


  • Dark, wrapped design
  • Thick lip
  • Compact 7.8″ design
  • Included glass bowl

Buy The Yieng Dark 7.8″ Bong on Amazon

Locinoe 3D Rick and Morty Bong

Rick and Morty Bong on Amazon

Who doesn’t love Rick and Morty? This is one of the best Rick and Morty Bongs on Amazon. At only 8 inches in height, its perfectly portable and its thick, handmade design makes it super durable as well.


  • Awesome Rick and Morty Artwork
  • Two color choices: (White or Brown)
  • Prime shipping available

Buy the Locinoe 3D Rick and Morty Bong on Amazon

Best Bong Accessories on Amazon

Once, you have your bong picked out, you may need some accessories for it. Here are some of our favorite bong accessories on Amazon

GrowCo Bowl Ashtray with Poker

This awesome ashtray is perfect for cleaning out your bong or pipe. Even better, it is made from dishwasher-safe silicon making it super easy to clean.

Bong ashtray on amazon

Buy the GrowCo Ashtray With Poker on Amazon

Hemplights Hemp Wick Lighter

Hemp Wick Bong Lighter on Amazon

Butane lighters are sometimes a hot button issue in the world of weed. These Hemplight lighters feature a hemp wick for a safe and pleasant lighting experience.

Buy the Hemplights Hemp Wick Lighter on Amazon

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